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Advertising photography

• Product photography
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• Staged photography 

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Photography principles

A good photo is achieved on the basis of well-considered composition, an apt angle and a suitable style. The fundamental principles of photography – proper lighting with the right technical equipment and, naturally, experience and perception. Before photographing an object, it must be correctly prepared and a fitting background created for it. All advertising photos start with an idea.

Post-processing a photo is as important as taking it. Consequent digital photo processing can include cropping the image, cleaning it up, modifying the gamut and the contrast, or even an object in the image or the whole image. The end result is frequently in the form of a photo collage. It can be a photo inside another photo, when the viewer perceives one image as several different photos, or a mosaic image that is interpreted as a single motif when viewed from a distance, while actually comprising many different photos.
Best results are obtained when professionally implementing all the three stages (preparation, photography, post-processing) and cooperating as well.

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